Subscriptions for Fara Music Summer School are open!!!

Fara Music Festival VIII edition, July 21st to July 27th 2014!
Having reached their eighth edition the Fara Music Clinics have renewed their teaching staff as well as their teaching approach, reconfirming themselves as the most anticipated educational event in our country and validating once more their partnership with The Collective School of Music in New York, which will once again assign two scholarships to the most outstanding participants of the Summer School of 2014.
Seven days of full-time Master Classes, concerts and jam sessions will ensure a unique experience in one of the most beautiful historic villages of central Italy, located only 35 minutes from Rome.
A truly exclusive teaching staff which will include some of the most valued international artists of today’s musical scene.

There will be a € 40 discount for those who register by April 15th…

Guitars: Peter Bernstein, Jonathan Kreisberg, Fabio Zeppetella
Bass: Matt Penman, Dario Deidda
Piano: Jason Lindner, Ramberto Ciammarughi
Drums: Roberto Gatto, Colin Stranahan

Vocal Jazz Lab: Cinzia Spata (€ 250,00)
Vocinsieme: Raffaella Misiti, Susanna Stivali, Gabriella Aiello, Claudio Fabro, Andrea Rodini, Bernardo Nardini, Simone Moscato (€ 350,00)

Specifically these courses aim to raise the quality of the teaching offer through the creation of small study groups which will be subdivided into three levels: High – Medium – Preparatory .
The number of participating students has been reduced to 70 musicians total in order for them to be supported thoroughly and so to give each one of them individually more space, both during lessons and during ensemble performances.
The in deep examination of all the possible practical aspects of musical training is the new route the Fara Music Clinics are taking.
The study of the single Instrument, the Ensemble Performances, the Trio Labs and the Workshops are the four basic elements of this newly structured study course.

Two different singing courses will be activated: the Vocal Jazz Lab which will deal with vocal jazz training and will be directed by Cinzia Spata, and Vocinsieme directed by Raffaella Misiti (Vocal Technique), Susanna Stivali ( jazz improvisation), Gabriella Aiello (folk singing), Andrea Rodini (interpretation), Claudio Fabro (choral singing), Bernardo Nardini (stage performance) , Simone Moscato (Vocal Rock ) .

These are by far the only master classes that can provide a 360-degree view on the “vocal” instrument.
These two Labs, each of which with an independent theme, can provide a teaching offer that adds up to about 35 hours for the Vocal Jazz Lab while going up to about 45 hours for the Vocinsieme Lab.

JAZZ TRIO LAB with Cinzia Spata :
This course applies to vocal jazz students. During this workshop topics related to the “Jazz Performance” will be treated. These topics will range from the appropriate sounds to use in a jazz vocal performance to the respect and knowledge of the most important harmonic structures, to the interpretation of jazz standards whether they are in ballad, swing, or bossa style, and more over to the management of the basic jazz trio formation (piano, bass, drums ).
The jazz trio lab originates from the need to simulate what often occurs to Jazz groups just minutes before a gig or a jam session, situations that vocal jazz students often do not get the chance to prepare beforehand.
This lab underlines the need for a common language and knowledge of the harmonic structures both for musicians and singers .

This master class is the only one of its kind, all throughout Italy, to give its participants an all-round view on the vocal “instrument” through the exploration, analysis and practice of different styles and techniques such as gospel, rock, jazz, folk music and musical theatre singing, starting from a consolidation of the basic vocal techniques unto manage energy and movement during the performance.

“Spend 5 days with us… and change your playing forever”
This year the Fara Music Festival will once again award two scholarships to the most outstanding students among all members of the Fara Music Summer School of 2014. The above scholarships will be granted by the Collective School of Music in New York and will be valid for use between the months of February and May 2015.
Another confirmed event this year is the Best Artist Awards that will decree the participation of two most outstanding talents of the Summer School of 2014, together with their own bands, at the Fara Music Live Jazz Awards of 2015.

From the live performance to the studio recording, absolutely everything is done in the name of the JAZZ…
Despite being only at its sixth edition, the Fara Music Jazz Live Awards have welcomed some of the most interesting musical realities on the national scene .
The competition is open to bands from all over Europe who are not tied by any publishing or recording contracts at the time of the enrolment and throughout the competition.
The event is open to bands which have a project that is distant from the popular music criteria while tending more towards a jazz musical genre (classic jazz , contemporary jazz , acid jazz , fusion jazz, blues /jazz… ) .
The finalists will be awarded the role of opening bands at the concerts of the artists who will perform during the evening of the Seventh Edition of the Fara Music Festival of 2015.
The overall winning band of the competition will be awarded the production and publishing of a recording project which will entirely take place at TUBE RECORDING STUDIO ( ) with the artistic and executive production carried out by EMME MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS ( ).

Generally the courses are open to auditors without any admission requirements, yet within the available boarding limits. The participation fee in this case will be 50 % of the full fee. Auditors will be able to participate but will not be given the possibility to intervene or play.

Duration of the Master Classes : 7 days ( July 21st to July 27th 2014)
Instrumental Master Classes and Vocal Workshops will be held at the same time, therefore you cannot apply to more than one course at a time.
1 . Send your application at:
• Name and surname
• Phone number
• Course you plan to attend
2 . Wait for an answer from the organization regarding placement availability related to the chosen course. You will receive the registration form which will have to be completed in all its parts.
3 . Proceed with the payment of the fee relating to the chosen course as follows:
Pay the fee to:
4 . Once you have made ​​the payment send the completed registration form to the address:
All students will lodge at the Convent of the Poor Clares of Fara Sabina .
The Convent is a beautiful and very charming structure as it is located at the highest point of the town.
Inside the structure there is a restaurant where the aforementioned sisters have always been in charge of the cuisine.
The available options for the students are: single, double and triple/quadruple rooms, breakfast included.
You can also choose the half board or full board options.
Room rates are to be intended per person :

€ 345.00 HALF BOARD ( LUNCH )
€ 415.00 FULL BOARD
€ 310.00 HALF BOARD ( LUNCH )
€ 380.0 FULL BOARD
• TRIPLE AND QUADRUPLE ROOMS (mini apartments) *:
€ 275.00 HALF BOARD ( LUNCH)
€ 345.00 FULL BOARD

* It will be a prerogative of the organization to group together individual students who will book TRIPLE/QUADRUPLE ROOMS (Women with women only, with regard to the age of those who will share the accommodation) .

The stay contemplates mandatorily 7 nights.
To book please contact us directly at the number: +39 347 0750691
or by email :


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A small town and great passion so for once we easily use the word “miracle”. (All About Jazz)
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